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If you are just browsing the World Wide Web for free sources of online video then this page is for you. Here are the top online resources for free video in alphabetical order.

This free video sharing service is for fans of anything. If you and someone else likes an artist - then most likely a video will be here. "... Search for anything you're a fanatic of like The Office, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Transformers, Star Wars, Viral Videos, Nintendo, Harry Potter, The Beatles, Broadway Musicals and much more ..."FanPop.

This free video Website gets over 9,000 videos posted daily. The Website itself is based in Paris but DailyMotion is an English language video sharing community when videos are viewed from the UK :-) Daily Motion.

Glath Video - Glath Video has a list of online video shows and cartoons. Glath Video is frequently updated with new videos. The videos at Glath.Com are sorted into a most popular category and there is a FAQ page.

A quickly developing and popular video sharing Website. Categories of video include: Cartoons, TV-Shows, Anime, Movies, Music Videos, Sport Videos, Documentaries. There are also top rated and most viewed video categories. Alluc.

A free video sharing service currently in Beta testing. Eyespot.

Slick online video system from Google. Google Video.

Glath Video has a list of online video shows and cartoons. Frequently updated with new videos. Videos are sorted into a most popular category and there is a FAQ page.

Free online Video and File sharing. Grouper is owned by Sony and has over 8 million users. Videos can be recorded direct to Grouper from your webcam. Grouper.

Online creation, editing, mixing and sharing of videos, free. Jumpcut.

MySpace Video is big user supported online video site where you can upload, share and store videos. MySpace Video.

Free online videos plus the option to monetize your video if you are the producer. Revver.

SearchVideo is an AOL property that allows, guess what?..... video searches... :-)

SelectVideo allows you to search online video on the World Wide Web and then save the video you have found as a bookmark. Bookmarks are shared on the website and it is possible to view pre-sorted categories: vrank | most recent | most relevant | top favorites | highest rated | title | random most popular: now | this hour | today | this week | this month | all time.

Sharkle is another online video site that allows users to watch, upload and share videos. How does Sharkle.Com differ from other online video social networks? Well, I have to admit, I don't know, I couldn't see any difference - another video place to visit, I guess.

Uncut Video is another of the many AOL sites that offers video searches. This is more of a Youtube clone, offering unrestricted access to user upoaded videos.

Free online videos and easily share and post videos to other video sites and services. Videoegg.

Free video service, similar to flickr. Vimeo.

Easy to use free video service. vSocial.

Huge free online video service with literally thousands of new videos every day. Youtube Video.

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