NASA TV and Video

NASA, the National Aeronautics Space Administration, offers free online TV and Video relating to the United States of America's ongoing space program.

The NASA TV public channel is available s a direct link from the NASA multimedia landing page and clicking on it launches a standalone TV player. There is also the option to watch TV and Video with the Windows Media Player, Apple's Quicktime Media Player or Real Networks Real Player. There are links to this software direct from the main NASA multimedia TV page.

At NASA it is possible to view Live Events, News and Special Event Programs. There are also regular daily schedules (Public and Media Channels). The NASA Television Education Channel offers TV and Video for schools and colleges, and online viewing of educational features. The NASA Television Video File (Public and Media Channels) offers an archive of video for downloading and/or viewing online.

Choose Multimedia Highlights to see the image of the day and spectacular videos.

NASA TV and Video.

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NASA TV and Video

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