MySpace Video

Myspace is possibly the definitive online video site and already has over 40,000 user uploaded videos.

Myspace offers a Myspace TVGuide and Myspace Video Guide, a FAQ page, Safety Tips and lots of other useful information for uploaders and video users.

Select top played videos at Myspace to see the most popular videos on MySpace.

Other categories for sorting the videos at MySpace include Just Added Videos, Most Commented Videos and Top Rated Videos.

MySpace offers users a social networking service that allows people to upload video and photographs, run a personal blog, send email and IM's and also, importantly, interact with other MySpace members.

Video categories at Myspace.Com as of 20th April 2006:

Animals Videos
Videos: 56002 
Cats, Dogs, Fish, Small Furry Animals... 

Animation/CGI Videos 
Videos: 32009 
Anime, Computer Animation, Performances… 

Automotive Videos 
Videos: 42063 
Cars, Trains, Racing… 

Comedy and Humor Videos 
Videos: 302961 
Funny Videos, Practical Jokes, Parodies... 

Entertainment Videos 
Videos: 271761 
Trailers, Clips, Commercials... 

Extreme Videos 
Videos: 122131 
Flips, Jumps, Don't Try This At Home… 

Instructional Videos 
Videos: 16040 
Tutorials, How Tos… 

Music Videos 
Videos: 216259 
Gigs, Karaoke, Air Guitars... 

News and Politics Videos 
Videos: 11826 
Breaking News, Weather, Speeches… 

Schools and Education Videos 
Videos: 16438 
Homecoming, Prom, School Plays… 

Science and Technology Videos 
Videos: 8360 
Gadgets, Phenomena, General Geekery... 

Video Blogging 
Videos: 110980 
Indie Films, Class Projects… 

Sports Videos 
Videos: 108528 
Games, Practices, Matches… 

Travel and Vacations  Videos 
Videos: 32863 
Vacations, Places, Trips… 

Video Games 
Videos: 17094 
Demos, Previews, LAN Parties... 

Weird Stuff Videos.  

Myspace Video.

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