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Although officially still in BETA testing, Google Video already has thousands of free videos online. The home page has an instant selection of free videos.

Google Video currently features many full-length documentaries. Google Video also offers easy access to other online TV and Video websites including Youtube and Yahoo Video.

There is a video store for paid videos but if you scroll down the page there are categories for popular videos and random videos which can be watched online free of charge.

Other categories of online videos include: Popular Videos, Animation Videos, Educational Videos, News Videos, Google Picks Videos, Comedy Videos, Movies Videos, Sports Videos, Random Videos, Commercials Videos, Music Videos, and TV Shows Videos.

The Top 100 Videos on Google gives a hierarchy of the most frequently downloaded videos with number one ranking at the top. Winners and losers are also shown and it is possible to tell whether the popularity of any single video in the Top 100 videos is on the way up or down. There is also a Movers and Shakers section which, interestingly, reveals which geographic area videos are increasing in popularity.

Google Video.

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